AC Voltage sensor module ZMPT101B 240V Voltage transformer module Arduino


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This module is ideally suited to measuring an AC voltage. When connected to the screw terminals the sensor will sample the input and output an analog voltage, in the region of 0 – 5V. This makes it easy to use in power monitoring applications and checking supplies.
Length:50 mm
Width:20 mm
Height:21.5 mm
Main Colour:Blue
Country of Manufacture:China
Drive Voltage:5V
Characteristics:Analog output
Up to 250V AC detection range
Calibration potentiometer
Mounting holes:M2 46/16mm
Pin pitch:2.54mm
Connectors:Screw Terminals
Operating Temperature:-40°C to 85°C (unconfirmed)
Number of Pieces:1
Package include: 1x Voltage Sensor module ZMPT101B

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 21.5 mm


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