1 Channel 1 Route IRF540 MOSFET Switch Module for Arduino

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Experience Efficient Control: Elevate your circuit control capabilities with the 1 Channel 1 Route IRF540 MOSFET Switch Module designed for seamless integration with Arduino projects. Unveil the power of MOSFET technology, an electronic wonder recognized for its stellar switching performance, making it a cornerstone in applications like switching power supplies, motor drives, and lighting dimming.

Unleash the Advantages: Distinct from the familiar yet mechanically-inclined relays, our module harnesses MOSFET’s prowess to provide rapid switching without the limitations of mechanical contacts. No more bothersome click sounds or momentary lapses; instead, experience reliable and efficient circuit control.

Adaptable Design: Seamlessly aligning with Arduino electronic building blocks, this module is a perfect match for IRF540 MOSFET switches. Though the concept remains consistent, we’ve introduced a refined approach for better usability. Referencing the well-established Arduino 1-way switch with IRF540 MOSFET Modules, our design presents a versatile solution to govern diverse circuit modules.

Optimized Applications: Dive into a world of possibilities as our MOSFET switch enables precision control over DC circuits. Illuminate DC LED screens and more, enhancing your projects with newfound accuracy. Please note that this module is tailored for DC circuits and may not suit AC circuit applications.

Robust Performance: When circumstances demand, our MOSFET switch rises to the occasion, capably managing a 100V / 33A DC circuit. For optimal results, we recommend employing a minimum DC voltage of 9V for control operations.

Seamless Implementation: Embark on experimentation with confidence, starting with a simple yet illuminating test scenario featuring a single LED light.

Sample Code
int s1Pin = 6;
void setup() {
pinMode(s1Pin, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
digitalWrite(s1Pin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(s1Pin, LOW);

All-Inclusive Package: Your purchase includes a comprehensive package featuring the 1 Channel 1 Route MOSFET Button IRF540 + MOSFET Switch Module tailored for Arduino integration. Elevate your circuit control to new heights with this versatile and powerful module.

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Dimensions 260 × 160 × 20 mm


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