Highly Recommended Digital Panel Meter

At AUSCOM Computers & Controls, we have an extensive selection of analogue and digital panel meters made of high-quality materials.

A panel meter is an essential electronic component for businesses that need to constantly monitor or control industrial machinery. There are several sizes and types of panel meters, but they can all be grouped into two broad categories — analogue and digital.

Understand how panel meters work

Panel meters are devices that are used to display various readings. Many of them are multi function meaning not only do they display values but can also receive input as well and some even have further functionality providing various control functions. Panel meters can receive information from a vast array for inputs including analog, digital, pwm (pulse width modulation) and common communication bus such as modbus. Many of them provide outputs that can be used to integrate into other systems. The various control functions can trigger alarms, outputs or convert signals and in some cases even integrate or provide data for connection to computers and other systems. Some of the common parameters panel meters are used to measure are current or voltage, these results are then displayed graphically.

In most cases, a panel meter is installed within control panels. Other than current and voltage, they can measure parameters such as temperature, flow, and pressure as well as many more. On the control panel of a pump, for instance, a digital panel meter might be used to show the pressure or the flow. Some panel meters also have the ability to provide data logging functions and cant take in a vast array of different input types.

AUSCOM’s panel meter selection

At AUSCOM Computers & Controls, we have a wide range of high-performance panel meters in our catalogue, including the following:

  • Digital Display Meter 0-10V 0-20mA 2-10V 4-20mA Analog Input Head — This is an analogue display meter that’s used with a variety of analog-output sensors to show actual physical quantity.
  • XY-WJ01 Delay Relay Module Digital LED Dual Display Cycle Timing Circuit — This has a bright, easy-to-read and powerful LCD screen. Five minutes of inactivity will put the device into low-power mode. Any activity should spring it back to action.
  • AC 6 in 1 Meter Voltage 110V-250V Current 20A Power Factor KWH Frequency — This is a smart power monitor widely applicable in commercial and non-commercial settings. It provides real-time visual feedback of the mico-controls.

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The AUSCOM advantage

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