AMS1117-3.3 DC-DC Step Down Power Supply Module 4.5V-7V 3.3V Voltage Regulator

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High-Efficiency AMS1117-3.3 DC-DC Step Down Voltage Regulator – Stable 3.3V Output


Upgrade your power supply solutions with the AMS1117-3.3 DC-DC Step Down Power Supply Module. This efficient voltage regulator is designed to provide a stable 3.3V output voltage, making it an ideal choice for various electronic projects.

Key Features:

  • Wide Input Range: Operating between 4.5V and 7V, this module ensures flexibility in powering your devices.
  • Reliable Output: Enjoy a consistent 3.3V output with a maximum load current of 800mA, ensuring smooth operation without compromising performance.
  • Thoughtful Design: The dual-panel design not only enhances the module’s aesthetic appeal but also contributes to efficient heat dissipation, ensuring prolonged operational lifespan.
  • Versatile Mounting: With specially designed double rows of needle fixing holes, securing the module within your setup or experimentation environment is a breeze.
  • Easy Connectivity: Equipped with a 2P single-row pin input and output configuration, establishing connections is straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Compact Form: The PCB board measures a mere 2.5cm * 1.1cm, making it space-efficient for integration into various projects.
  • Visual Indicator: A built-in red power indicator provides at-a-glance assurance of the module’s active status.

Whether you’re working on DIY electronics, prototyping, or educational projects, the AMS1117-3.3 DC-DC Step Down Power Supply Module offers a reliable and regulated power source, ensuring your devices operate optimally. Upgrade today for enhanced performance and peace of mind.

(Note: Ensure that the input voltage exceeds the output voltage by at least 1V for proper functionality.)

Elevate your projects with the precision of the AMS1117-3.3 DC-DC Step Down Voltage Regulator. Order yours now and experience stable, efficient power delivery like never before.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 160 × 260 × 20 mm


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