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Industrial control is a broad field that requires precision and control. From micro controllers and electronic components to niche industrial parts and tools, access to the right gear is essential during every phase of development. At Auscom, we stock specialised electronics and control products for industrial control builders and users. From early prototyping to final production, we have everything you need to test, build, and bring ideas to life.
For the latest and greatest in industrial electronics and more, Auscom has you covered.
As one of the leading electronic shops in Australia, our products are tailor-made for demanding industrial applications. Our electronic shop in Australia specialises in the following product categories:

Micro Controllers

Micro controllers play a central role in power and control systems. These small integrated computers contain CPUs, memory and peripherals in a single IC chip. We have a wide array of micro controllers available, with all products selected for niche industrial applications. We have Arduino products and accessories, display and function modules, power supplies and converters, and sensor modules, among other components.

Industrial Controls

Industrial controls and electronics are all about accuracy and control. From power supplies and industrial modules to sensors, meters, motor control and accessories, the right gear allows you to make critical adjustments with maximum sensitivity. We keep a variety of industrial controls in stock at our electronics shop in Australia, including control modules, panel meters, sensors, signal converters, data loggers, variable speed drives and more.

Electronic Components

Electronic components are integral to many industrial projects. Whatever you’re building, it’s important to select components based on performance and reliability. We stock an extensive range of passive and active components, including smart accessories and specialised prototyping solutions. If you want high-quality products without compromise, we are Australia’s online shopping electronics experts.

3D Printers

From home-based setups to industrial applications, 3D printing continues to shape the world. We have lots of 3D printing products available, including 3D printing machines, dedicated 3D printer parts, high-quality consumables and accessories. Whether you’re testing an early idea, building a prototype or making a final product, our industrial electronic shop in Australia can help.


Whatever you’re developing, the right tools help you work safely and build with confidence. We have a growing collection of tools available, including electric testing equipment, hand tools and kits and high-performance tools to measure temperature, thickness, area and more. We are among the best electronics shops in Australia when it comes to specialised tools.

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At Auscom, we specialise in electronics and control products for industrial and domestic control applications. Our products are made for demanding use cases, our website is easy to browse, and we provide great customer service before and after the sale. Fast shipping is available across Australia, and all major credit and debit cards are supported, along with PayPal.

If you’d like to learn more about our great products, please review our catalogue or contact the Australia online shopping electronics experts.

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