Industrial Control Components Best Price

At Auscom, we have a wide range of industrial electronics and control products. From sensors and simple components to sophisticated power and industrial technologies, we have everything you need in a single accessible location. We specialise in industrial control electronics, including control modules, panel meters, sensors, power supplies and accessories. Our products are tailor-made for demanding use cases, including industrial control systems and related applications.

What are industrial control electronics?

Industrial control electronics is a niche field related to the control and automation of industrial equipment. It includes all specialised electronics designed to control machines and ensure seamless operation.

For example, an industrial control system can be set up to turn machines on and off at a specific time or to control operational cycles and speed of operation.

While electronic control is not confined to specific sectors or workplaces, industrial applications often require a specific type of control. Industrial control systems (ICS) are digital devices used to control critical infrastructure and other industrial processes.

Industrial electronics and control products

At Auscom, we specialise in industrial control electronics. A number of products fall into this category, from simple sensors and relays to critical power supplies, motor units and complex control modules. To control industrial equipment properly, a high level of precision is required, along with accurate metering, display and communication. We also stock a number of accessories for industrial control systems, including high-quality waterproof potentiometers and cord grips.

The Auscom difference

At Auscom, we specialise in computing and control products for demanding applications. Along with industrial control system parts, we also stock micro controllers, electronic components, 3D printers, smart home devices and high-quality tools. Our products have been designed for professional use cases, so you can rely on quality and buy with confidence every time.

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