High-Performance Signal Converter

If you’re looking for a professional-grade and durable signal converter to use for your project, Auscom Computers & Controls has got you covered. Our signal converters make it easy to transfer and use signals across different systems and can be used for your desired purposes, whether it’s for electronics or telecommunications. 

What exactly are signal converters? 

Signal converters are electronic devices that convert one type of signal into another. They are commonly used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace and manufacturing, to convert signals from sensors into a format that can be easily processed by control systems. The signal converters that we carry here at Auscom Computers & Controls work by receiving the input signal from the sensor, converting it into a suitable format, and then transmitting it to the control system.

The features of our signal converters include:

  • Converting signals between different systems
  • Improving signal quality
  • Extending the reach of signals over longer distances
  • Simulating signals that are difficult to generate manually for testing and development purposes

Our product offerings 

At Auscom, we offer a range of high-performing, reliable and cost-effective signal converters to suit different applications. Some of the signal converters that you’ll find in our online store include: 

  • 0-10V signal converters — particularly popular in industries that require the transfer of signals from sensors to control systems such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and healthcare. They are designed to be compact, easy to install and provide accurate signal conversion. 
  • PWM to Voltage converters — these converters transform a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal into a corresponding analog voltage signal. These are ideal for applications in motor speed control, LED dimming and audio amplifiers. 
  • AD/DA converters — known for converting analog signals, such as sound or temperature, into digital signals that can be processed by computers or digital systems. This makes them suitable for applications that involve converting digital signals back into analog signals in order to control physical devices. 

Choose Auscom Computers and Controls

At Auscom Computers and Controls, we understand the important role signal converters play in modern industries. That’s why we make it easy for you to choose the perfect signal converter through our online store and add them to your cart. Our wide range of high-performing, reliable and cost-effective signal converters will surely be a helpful tool for you and your team. 

Apart from signal converters, we also offer electronic components and tools such as micro controls and industrial controls. Contact us today to learn more about our product offerings. 


What are the different types of signal converters?

There are several different types of signal converters available in the market, including 0-10V signal converters, PWM to voltage converters and AD/DA converters. Each signal converter has a unique trait and property that allows them to be used in particular industries and applications. Before buying one, it’s important that you figure out what kind of signal converter you need.

What is the need for signal conversion?

The need for signal conversion arises when signals need to be transferred between different systems or devices that use different signal types. Signal conversion is also necessary when the quality of the signal needs to be improved or when signals need to be transmitted over longer distances. In addition, this process also simulates signals that are difficult to generate manually for testing and development purposes.

What is the difference between a signal transmitter and a signal converter?

The main difference between a signal transmitter and a signal converter is that a transmitter sends a signal from one point to another, while a converter changes the signal type from one format to another. A signal transmitter simply amplifies or extends a signal, whereas a signal converter modifies the signal into a format that can be processed by the receiving device.

What is a universal signal converter?

A universal signal converter is a device that can handle a wide range of signal types and convert them into another format. It is designed to be versatile and adaptable to various signal conversion needs. Universal signal converters are particularly useful in industries where multiple signal types are used, as they can help to simplify the signal conversion process and reduce the need for multiple converters.