GEYA CJX2 0910 1210 1810 2510 3210 4011 5011 6511 8011 9511 Industrial Contactor 220V Coil Din Rail

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Introducing the CJX2 Series AC Contactor: Empower Your AC Motor Control

Experience top-tier motor control with the CJX2 series AC Contactor. Engineered with a streamlined structure, this contactor excels in kickstarting and regulating AC motors, as well as efficiently managing circuit connectivity across extensive distances. Paired seamlessly with a separate thermal relay (available for purchase), it forms an exceptional magnetic motor starter system.

Conforming to the highest standards, the CJX2 AC Contactor adheres to the IEC 60947-1 and IEC 60947-4-1 specifications, ensuring reliability and performance that exceed expectations.

Key Specifications:

  1. Rated Operation Current (Ie): Choose from a versatile range of 9A to 95A, catering to various applications.
  2. Rated Operation Voltage (Ue): Covers an extensive voltage spectrum from 220V to 690V, adapting to diverse power inputs.
  3. Rated Insulation Voltage: Safeguarding operations with a rated insulation voltage of 690V.
  4. Poles: Available in 3P (Three Poles) and 4P (Four Poles) configurations for versatile installation.
  5. Installation: Effortless installation facilitated by Din rail and screw installation mechanisms.
  6. Coil Variants: Standard 220V coil with the option for customized coils upon request, accommodating specific requirements.

Elevate your motor control endeavors with the CJX2 series AC Contactor, delivering precision, reliability, and adaptability. Revolutionize the way you manage AC motors, circuits, and beyond, all while adhering to the stringent benchmarks set by the IEC standards.

Unlock seamless motor activation and regulation—explore the CJX2 AC Contactor today. Your journey towards superior motor control starts here.








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Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 90 mm

CJX2-9511, CJX2-8011, CJX2-6511, CJX2-5011, CJX2-4011, CJX2-3210, CJX2-2510, CJX2-1810, CJX2-1210, CJX2-0910


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