0 – 16 Bar Pressure Transducer 4-20ma 10-30Vdc DIN Plug G1/4″ NPT


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This a diffused silicon piezzo resistant sensor converting to a 4-20ma analogue signal on a 10-30V DC supply. 316 Stainless steel construction, DIN Plug for easy installation and replacement, G1/4″ NPT male thread. Includes 2m of complimentary shielded cable, other lengths are available upon request. 0-16 Bar (0-1600KPA) pressure range.


High accuracy and stability

Can apply for temperature of -40℃~100℃

High corrosion resistance




Linear+Hysteresis+Repeatability: ±0.5%FS

Temperature: -40℃…85℃

Temperature compensation: -10℃…80℃

Temperature coefficient: Zero temperature coefficient%FS/℃ Sensitivity%/℃

Pressure>1bar Standard0.005, Max0.01 Max0.02

Pressrue 1bar Standard0.010, Max0.02 Max0.02

Pressrue 0.5bar Standard0.015, Max0.03 Max0.02

Pressrue 0.2bar Standard0.025, Max0.05 Max0.02


Pressure>2bar Standard0.1%FS Max0.2%FS

Pressure≤2bar Standard2mbar Max4mbar

Signal Output: 4…20mA/ Two wire

Power supply: 10…30VDC 15…30VDC

Load resistance: (U-10V)/0.02A >5K

Frequency response: 5kHz 1kHz

Electrical connection: DIN43650

Absolute volume: <0.1mm³

Wetted part: 316L stainless steel(DIN1.4435)

Protection: IP65

Process connection: DIN Plug with 2m Shielded Cable

Pressure range: 0 – 16 Bar

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 50 mm


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