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Model: MKS GEN V1.0

The Mega 2560 and ramps 1.4 are integrated on one board, making this a much more compact and easy to use board with everything all in the one package.
This board takes all standard market stepper driver modules including the A4988, DRV8225, TMC2100/2130/2208 are all supported
The external drive signal is retained and the 57 or 86 motor can be driven by a large external drive.
The use of high-quality MOSFETs results in better heat dissipation and stable operation over time.
The dedicated power chip is used to support the 12V-24V power input, which solves the problem of ramp voltage conversion chip heating and power supply shortage.
The stable and reliable filter circuit greatly reduces the possibility of interference and is most likely to avoid the phenomenon of crashes and running during printing.
Use the CH340 series chip to ensure the stability and reliability under the premise of reducing costs and solve the problems of the previous 16U2 hard disk.
24V input is acceptable, the same system power can reduce the hotbed current to 1/4, effectively solve the hotbed MOS tube heating problem.
Using Marlin’s open source firmware, the configuration is exactly the same as for ramps 1.4 and can be directly replaced with Ramps 1.4.
It can be directly connected to 2004 LCD displays and 12864 LCD displays and can be supported by TFT28 and TFT32 touch screens.
XYZ axis uses different colors of the terminal corresponding to the motor and limit switch, convenient connection
The humanized design uses different colored terminals to distinguish the driving direction, reducing the possibility of insertion and reversing, and preventing the motherboard from being damaged due to the insertion of the driver.

1) Before connecting the power, make sure that the positive and negative connections are not reversed. If it is burned by users, we do not guarantee this problem.
2) Do not plug in the motor and driver with power on. The driver is easily burned; do not adjust the current while the motor is running.
3) The correct method is to disconnect the power supply, remove the motor, reapply power, adjust the potentiometer, and then measure the voltage on the potentiometer until the measured voltage is the same as expected.
4) Do not insert a reverse drive, otherwise, it will burn the drive or even burn the motherboard!
5) Stepper drivers are not included however we have a range available if you require them, send us a message and we will work out a deal for you.
6) Chips and circuits can be burned by reverse power. Please turn on the power again and again.
Product size: 11.1*8.5*2cm

Packing list:
1 X 3D printer motherboard MKS Gen L V1.0
1 X USB cable

Weight 105 g
Dimensions 160 × 140 × 20 mm


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