STM32F4 Development Board STM32F401CCU6 STM32F411CEU6 Arduino Black Pill

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Experience the power of innovation with our STM32F4 Development Board featuring the STM32F401CCU6 and STM32F411CEU6 chips, also known as the Arduino Black Pill.

In the STM32F4 series, these chips stand out not only for their budget-friendly price point, often surpassing some F1 models in affordability, but also for their remarkable processing capabilities that outshine even the F1 series in terms of main frequency. Plus, with the added advantage of a floating-point arithmetic module and comprehensive IO port functionalities, this development board emerges as the ultimate learning platform with exceptional cost efficiency, tailor-made for beginners. Unlike other options, the STM32F4 series doesn’t compromise on computing power or lack essential IO ports, ensuring unhindered progress in your projects.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with a high-speed 25MHz crystal oscillator and a low-speed 32.768k crystal oscillator, guaranteeing reliable performance.
  • Choose between two core board variants:
    • STM32F401CEU6: 96KB of RAM and 512KB of ROM
    • STM32F411CEU6: 128KB of RAM and 512KB of ROM
  • Hassle-free BOOT settings transition from jumpers to buttons, simplifying installation. Now, by pressing BOOT0 and NRST, followed by releasing NRST, you gain seamless access to serial port download and DFU download. We proudly offer the official STM32 Cube Programmer burning software to enhance your experience. Please note that the bootloader is not pre-installed. For installation, you can opt for our STLink dongle or USB to TTL module, both available in-store.
  • The STM32F411CEU6 model is perfect for basic makecode development. Drop us a message to receive the link on how to get started.
  • Embrace modern connectivity with the convenient Type-C USB connection.

Unlock boundless opportunities for growth and creativity with the STM32F4 Development Board. It’s time to amplify your projects with enhanced performance and unmatched capabilities. Join the league of innovation today.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 260 × 160 × 20 mm

STM32F401CEU6, STM32F411CEU6


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