95DB Alarm DC 3-24V SFM-27 Electronic Buzzer Passive Continuous Piezoelectric

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Experience the convenience of the 95dB Alarm DC 3-24V SFM-27 Electronic Buzzer – your ideal solution for effective auditory alerts. Crafted in a sleek black hue, this passive buzzer boasts a diameter of 22.5mm and stands at a height of 11mm, making it a compact yet powerful addition to your setup.

Designed for versatility, this electronic marvel features two mounting holes strategically positioned at a 30mm distance, ensuring easy installation. The two wires, each extending to a length of 100mm, provide ample room for flexibility during setup.

Engineered with precision, the SFM-27 operates as a piezoelectric buzzer, known for its reliability and consistent performance. Emitting a sound pressure level of 95 dB, it guarantees that alerts won’t go unnoticed. Its broad operating voltage range, spanning from 3 to 24VDC, offers compatibility with various systems.

Notably efficient, the SFM-27 consumes a maximum current of 10mA, striking an ideal balance between performance and energy efficiency. The frequency, finely tuned at 3900±500Hz, ensures a clear and attention-grabbing tone that suits diverse applications.

Designed for ease, the SFM-27 comes equipped with convenient mounting holes, streamlining the installation process. Whether you require a dependable alert system or seek to enhance user experiences, this electronic buzzer delivers consistent, high-quality performance that resonates.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 260 × 160 × 20 mm


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