Experience High-Quality Voice Recording and Playback with the ISD1700 Series Voice Record Recording Play ISD1760 Module for AVR Arduino PIC

Unlock the potential of the ISD1700 series with the advanced ISD1760 voice module designed for seamless integration and optimal performance. This module boasts a user-friendly design tailored to the ISD1700 full series chips, offering simplicity alongside comprehensive functionality.

The ISD1700 series recording chip stands out as a pinnacle of integration and performance, supporting multiple recordings with a versatile sampling rate that ranges from 4 k to 12 k. Accommodating a power supply range of 2.4 V to 5.5 V, the ISD1700 chip ensures adaptability to various power sources. Additionally, the ISD1700 chip introduces an innovative recording hint function. When a new recording is initiated, a discreet LED flash occurs at intervals, providing users with clear cues about the recording status.

Further enhancing user interaction, the module features four distinct audio prompts that signify key operations such as recording initiation, termination, erasing, and navigating to the next track. With data storage taking place in the chip’s FLASH memory without any compression, the audio quality remains uncompromised while also safeguarding data against power outages.

The ISD1760 module supports two independent speech signal input channels: microphone input and analog signal input. In the independent key mode, the chip automatically enters a power-saving mode upon completing specific functions, effectively reducing power consumption. Alternatively, the SPI mode empowers users to engage in a broader spectrum of operations, allowing for versatile interaction with the chip.

Whether you’re configuring memory addresses for recording or accessing Analog Path Configuration registers (APC), the ISD1760 module delivers seamless read and write access.

Key Specifications:

  • Power Supply: DC 5V
  • Recording Time: 6K/75Sec, 8K/60Sec
  • Frequency: 6 KHz or 8 KHz
  • Power LED and IC LED indicators
  • Streamlined operation, eliminating the need for additional modules or microcontrollers
  • All PIN outputs for convenient chip control, ensuring hassle-free management
  • Product Size: 5.34.9cm/2.091.93inch

Package Includes: 1 x ISD1760 Voice Module (Packaged with Anti-Static Protection)

Elevate your audio recording and playback experience with the ISD1760 module — where simplicity meets cutting-edge performance. Ideal for AVR Arduino and PIC applications, this module ensures precision, clarity, and ease of use in every interaction.

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 160 × 260 × 20 mm


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