LM2596HV AC/DC to DC Buck Step Down Converter Adjustable Step-Down 3A Power

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Upgrade your power supply experience with the LM2596HV AC/DC to DC Buck Step Down Converter – the epitome of versatility and efficiency.


Unleash the potential of the LM2596HV plug-in power module, the high voltage rendition of the LM2596. It’s designed to handle an impressive maximum input voltage of 50V, limited by the capacitor’s impeccable withstand capability. The external heat sink ensures smooth operation even under high current loads. The module facilitates both AC and DC inputs through its dedicated ports, accommodating a wide range of power sources. Tailor your output voltage within the range of 3.3V to 33V, allowing fine-tuned control across various input voltages.

Input Voltage Flexibility:

Supporting input AC voltage between AC5V and AC30V, or DC5V and DC50V, this module accommodates the dynamic nature of AC voltage fluctuations. The maximum input voltage of 50V, fortified by the capacitor’s resilience, guarantees reliable performance. Sustaining 2.2A output current over extended periods and momentarily reaching 3A output current, this module offers robust power delivery. The silk screen terminal names, thoughtfully placed on both sides of the PCB, facilitate secure soldering to prevent damage.

Electrical Parameters:

  • Input Voltage Range: AC 5V-30V, DC 5V-50V
  • Output Range: DC 3.3V-33V
  • Output Current Range: Up to 2.2A (sustained), up to 3A (short bursts)
  • Module Size: 51mm x 26mm

Elevate your power management game with the LM2596HV AC/DC to DC Buck Step Down Converter. Its adaptability to varying input sources, precision output voltage control, and robust current handling make it a reliable companion for your power supply needs. Discover seamless power regulation and stability in a compact package that measures 51mm x 26mm.

Order now and empower your projects with the performance-driven LM2596HV converter.

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Dimensions 260 × 160 × 260 mm


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