AMS1117-5.0V 6-12Vdc to 5V dc Voltage Regulator Module Power Supply Arduino

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Experience stable and efficient power supply for your Arduino projects with the AMS1117-5.0V Voltage Regulator Module. This module is designed to seamlessly convert input voltages ranging from 6V to 12VDC into a precise 5V output, with a minimal error of 0.05V.

Ideal for various applications, this voltage regulator ensures a reliable power source for your Arduino and other electronics. Whether you’re a hobbyist, tinkerer, or a professional, you can trust the AMS1117-5.0V to maintain a steady output voltage that’s crucial for the optimal performance of your devices.

With an output current of up to 800mA, this module caters to your power needs without exceeding the recommended load current. Its compact PCB size of 25mm x 11mm ensures easy integration into your projects, even when space is limited.

Stay informed about the power status of your setup, thanks to the integrated Power LED in a vibrant red hue. This indicator provides a visual cue, allowing you to quickly ascertain if the module is operational.

Upgrade your power supply solution with the AMS1117-5.0V Voltage Regulator Module, a reliable and efficient choice for your Arduino and electronics projects. Trust in its precision, performance, and compact design to bring stability to your creations.

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