5V 2A LCD Mini DC Power Supply USB Step Down Converter 24V To 1-20V Adjustable


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This product uses new low voltage and high currency efficient DC-DC power technologies with a microcomputer control system to monitor voltage and current in real time.

Because of its small size and because it’s easy to carry, it’s the ideal and essential tool for students or small laboratories.

Note: Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage.

– LCD screen with white characters and a blue background displays two groups of voltage and current simultaneously.

– Uses a standard DC-Socket (5.5/2.1) input

– Coarse and fine tuning  positioner for precise voltage regulation.

– Input voltage 9-24V (max. 30V), reverse polarity protection

– Two groups of current can work simultaneously without conflict.

– Adjustable voltage available on DuPont connectors and terminal blocks which can be tightened with screws.

– Output voltage adjustable from 0.8V to 20V, max. 2A load with short circuit protection.

– Fixed 5V Output available on USB- and DuPont-Connectors. Max. 2A load with short circuit protection.

– Over 90% efficiency rate (related to the input and output voltage, current and dropout)

– Size: 80mm*80mm*25mm.

-Weight: about 85 grams.

Operation: Powers on automatically when power is attached. Use the “Power”-Button to switch off and on again.

Automatic zero-calibration may be less accurate with the age of the product, due to component aging and environmental temperature changes.

Calibration Mode: Disconnect power and all loads. Press the “Power”-Button and keep it pressed while connecting Power. The automatic zero-calibration will be performed. On success, the LCD will display 0.

Package Includes:

– 1 x DC Power Supply with box
– 1 x Alligator clip / 5.5mm
– 1 x DC connector
– 1 x 60cm red / black  power cables

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 150 × 120 × 40 mm


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