Mini DC Power Shield 7-24V for wemos D1 Mini V1.1.0 ESP8266 ESP12 Arduino

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Enhance the power supply for your projects with our Mini DC Power Shield designed for Wemos D1 Mini V1.1.0, ESP8266, ESP12, and Arduino. This versatile module efficiently steps down DC voltages ranging from 7V to 24V to a stable 5V output, making it perfect for powering microcontrollers and sensor modules operating at a 5V DC working voltage.

Key Features:

  1. Wide Input Voltage Range: With an input voltage range of DC 7V to 24V, this Mini DC Power Shield provides flexibility in various power source scenarios.
  2. Ample Maximum Current: Delivering a maximum current of 1A, this shield ensures a reliable power supply for your devices and components.
  3. Stable 5V Output: The module guarantees a consistent and stable DC5V output, preventing voltage fluctuations that could impact your electronics.

Upgrade your project’s power management with our Mini DC Power Shield, offering seamless voltage conversion and dependable performance. Whether you’re working on a Wemos D1 Mini, ESP8266, ESP12, or Arduino project, this shield ensures optimal power distribution and reliability.

Make the most of your electronics with the precision and quality of our Mini DC Power Shield. Trust in its efficient voltage regulation and empower your microcontrollers and sensor modules with a steady 5V DC supply.

Bring stability to your electronics projects – order the Mini DC Power Shield today and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and adaptable power solution.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 260 × 160 × 20 mm


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