Microphone Sensor AVR PIC Sensitive Sound Detection Module Arduino

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Enhance Your Projects with the AVR PIC Sensitive Sound Detection Module for Arduino

Unlock new possibilities with the AVR PIC Sensitive Sound Detection Module, designed to elevate your Arduino projects with advanced audio sensing capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Dual Outputs: This cutting-edge module offers two distinct outputs to cater to various applications.
    1. AO (Analog Output): Experience real-time voltage signals from the built-in microphone, allowing you to capture nuanced audio data.
    2. DO (Digital Output): Instantly receive high and low signals when sound intensity surpasses a predefined threshold, ensuring swift responsiveness.
  • High Sensitivity: Harness the power of precise sound detection. The module’s high sensitivity enables you to capture even the subtlest audio cues, expanding your project’s potential.
  • Flexible Integration: Seamlessly integrate the module into your projects with its user-friendly setup.
    • G to GND: Connect to the ground for stable performance.
    • “+” to Positive: Link to the positive terminal for reliable power supply.
    • A0 to Analog Signal: Establish a connection to access the analog signal stream.
    • DO to Digital Signal: Effortlessly connect to the digital signal for instant data transmission.
  • Compact Design: The module’s compact dimensions make it an unobtrusive yet impactful addition to your setups.
    • Board Length: 35mm
    • Board Width: 15mm
  • Power Indicator: Stay informed at a glance. The power indicator light ensures you’re aware of the module’s operational status.
  • Mounting Made Easy: A 3mm diameter screw hole simplifies the mounting process, letting you securely position the module within your project framework.
  • Efficient Power: Operating on a 5V DC power supply, the module balances performance and energy efficiency for optimal results.

Whether you’re an Arduino enthusiast, a PIC aficionado, or an AVR expert, this Microphone Sound Detection Module opens up a world of innovative audio-driven applications. Elevate your projects by capturing and responding to sound like never before. Explore new dimensions of interactivity and responsiveness with the AVR PIC Sensitive Sound Detection Module.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 180 × 260 × 20 mm


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