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Digital display meter 0-10V 0-20mA 2-10V 4-20mA analog input display table Digital display head


Standard Edition
with RS485 version
with relay output version
Digital display instrument analog output link
Mechanical size: 79 × 43 × 25mm;
Installation opening: 76.5 × 39.5mm.
1. The meter can be called a universal analog input display meter. It can be matched with various sensors with analog output to display the actual physical quantity. Such as temperature transmitter, frequency converter, motor speed, pressure, liquid level, concentration, etc.
2. The instrument supports current input or voltage input.
3. Default adaptation: 0-10V, 2-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA. By setting the bias parameter and gain parameter, it can adapt to other inputs in the range of 0-10V, or 0-20mA.
4. It is displayed as a percentage by default. You can also set your own display range through F0-2 ~ F0-4.
5. The instrument with 485 interface has already supported the communication between the meters, and it is convenient to realize multiple displays.
Demo software with RS485 interface and electronic manual (PDF) Download: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1lVDDct1W8paDzueaDh8BTw

One、 Main features:

1. Model description:standard version: HXDSBOXAH-NR:

With RS485 version: HXDSBOXA-485:

With relay output version: HX DS BOXAI-RL

2、 Standard version and version with RS485, rated power supply voltage range: DC6~25V, power consumption: 24V/40mA: with relay output version, rated power supply voltage

Range: DC8~25V, power consumption: 24V/50mA: power supply anti-reverse connection and surge protection

3、1 analog input, voltage type or current type can be selected

4、Voltage type input impedance: >30kQ, current type input impedance: <250Ω

5、 Rich parameter settings (please see the parameter description), with its own button, easily complete the parameter configuration: 0.56 inch 4-digit digital tube

6、”With RS485 version”, using standard Modbus-RTU protocol, easy to achieve networking: and support networking between tables,

7、”With relay output version”, with 1 normally open relay output, relay load capacity: 3A30Dc/3A250VAC;

8、 Mechanical size: 79×43×25mm: installation opening: 765×395mm.

Two、 Indicator light and signal description

1. Front panel diagram

2. Indicator light:

a. Only “with RS485 version” is useful: R communication receives data indication: T communication sends data indication

b. Only the “with relay output version” has: S indicator light on when the relay is closed

3.Port signal description

signal Explanation
PWR Connect to the positive pole of the power supply (standard version and version with RS485: DC6~30V: with relay output version: DC8~30V)
GND Power and signal ground
Ai Power and signal ground
mA Current-type analog input signal configuration interface, short-circuited with A, then configured as current-type input
With RS485 version 485- RS485 signal is negative
485+ RS485 signal is positive
With relay output version KA Relay normally open contact output port

4.Common wiring diagram:

5. Button and digital tube display state transition diagram:

Special note: In the third-level menu, click OK to save the modified parameter value and return to the previous menu, the parameter number is automatically increased by one; and click the SET button to directly return to the previous menu without saving the modified parameter value . Long pressorto make the adjustment value change quickly

Three、Parameter description

The parameters are described as follows

1. F0 Attendant array display

Parameter parameter name Scope and description Defaults Read  write
FO-0 Collected value monitoring Monitor the percentage of the current analog input value. Range: 0-100.0% read-only
FO-1 Display value monitoring In the display value in “Monitoring Menu” is calculated by F00, F0-2~F04. read-only
FO-2 Display accuracy The number of decimal places displayed in the “Monitor Menu”, range: 0-3. 1 Read  write
FO-3 Show minimum In the “monitoring menu”, the value corresponding to “acquisition value” is 0%, the range: -1999~9999 0 Read  write
FO-4 Show maximum In the “Monitoring Menu”, the value corresponding to the “Acquisition Value” is 100.0%, the range: 19999~9999 1000 Read  write

2. F1 parameter group-analog configuration parameters

Parameter parameter name Scope and description Defaults Read  write
F1-0 Input type selection 0:0~10V or 0~20mA corresponds to 0~100.0% 0 Read  write
F1-1 Input filter time 1: 2~10V or 4-20mA corresponds to 0~100.0%, and it is 0 when it is lower than 2V or 4mA. 0.200 Read  write
F1-2 Input gain Analog input filter time, range: 0-10.000S. The greater the filtering time, the stronger the filtering.

Range: 0~1000.0%.

100.0 Read  write
F1-3 Input offset -99.9~99.9%, with 10V or 20mA as 100.0%. 0.0 Read  write
F1-4 Keep Unused 0 Read  write
F1-5 Enter the parameter setting selection 0: Long press SET button for 3s to enter the parameter setting mode: 1: Keep pressing SET button for more than 3s, and

Press OK to enter parameter setting mode

0 Read  write

The formula of analog input gain and bias is: adjustment result = (acquisition value + offset) × gain

F2 parameter group relay output dosing (with relay Output version)

Parameter parameter name Scope and description Defaults Read  write
F2-O Relay output status configuration When the output conditions are met, the relay output status:

0: No control (always open) 1: Relay closed 2: Relay open (not satisfied Closed on condition)

0 Read  write
F2-1 Condition type 0: greater than comparison value 1, 1: less than comparison value 2.

2: Greater than comparison value 1 and less than comparison value 2.

0 Read  write
F2-2 Comparison value 1 Range: 0-100.0% 50.0 Read  write
F2-3 Comparison value 2 Range: 0-100.0%. 50.0 Read  write
F2-4 Hysteresis interval In order to prevent the relay output from operating frequently near the comparison value, hysteresis interval parameters are introduced

Range: 0.0%~80.0%.

Read  write

Examples are given to illustrate the action mechanism of the hysteresis interval: for example, if “F2 condition type” is selected as “0: greater than comparison value 1”, “F22 comparison value 1” is set as 50.0%, and “F24 hysteresis interval” uses the default value of 5.0%. When power on, the collected value increases gradually. When it is greater than 50.0% + 5.0% / 2, the output condition is satisfied. If the collected value decreases, it needs to be less than 50.0% – 5.0% / 2 to reach the non output condition.

F7 communication parameters and software version (communication parameters are “with RS485 version” for use)

Parameter parameter name Scope and description Defaults Read write
F7-0 Local address Range: 1~247 1 Read write
F7-1 Baud rate 0:1200bp;1: 2400bp5;2:480bps:   3: 9600bps

4:1920bps;5: 38400bps

3 Read write
F7-2 Data Format 0:8,1, None (8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity)

1:8,1, Even (8 data bits, 1 stop bit, even parity)

2:8,1,Odd (8 data bits, 1 stop bit, odd parity

3:8,2, None (8 data bits, 2 stop bits, no parity)

0 Read write
F7-3 Response delay Communication response delay time 0~500ms 5 Read write
F7-4 Communication type Use above V1.02

0: The display table is a Modu slave, and the user host can read the collected values of the display table:

1: The display table is a network slave between the tables, and can receive the display data of the display table set as the master:

2: The display table is the network host between the tables, and the display value is sent to the slave display table through the broadcast address

3: The display table is the inter-table networking host, and the display value is sent to the slave by means of address polling

Display table, address polling range is: 1~F70 value.

0 Read write
F7-5 Parameter recovery Set to 111 to restore the parameters to the factory settings: other values are invalid. 1313 read-only
F7-6 Model code Module model code 0521H 0.1
F7-7 Send interval time The interval time for the host to send the data table during master-slave communication. Range: 0.1~100. 0s Read write
F7-8 Software version number Set module software version number, two decimal places. 1.00 corresponds to the software version number is v1.00 read-only

Four、Communication protocol and communication method of “with R485 communication version”

1. The user host accesses the collected value of the display table

Communication uses standard Modbus-RTU protocol, read with multiple read command 03H. The returned parameter value is the integer displayed by the nixie tube with the decimal point removed. For example, the F0-0 nixie tube display value is 60.0, and the value read by communication is 600. The Modbus register address has a corresponding relationship with the parameter, such as

The Modbus register address corresponding to F72 is 0702H, that is, 7 in F7-2 is the high 8-bit value, and 2 in F72 is the low 8-bit value.

For example, read the parameters F0-0 and F0-1 parameter values (the F1 parameter group uses the default parameter settings), the format is as follows:

host sends a selective dance Slave (HXDSB0XAI) response data
Slave address is F70 01H Slave address ( F7-0) 01H
Mbus function number 03H Modbus function number 03H
Start address (high byte) 00H Returns the number of bytes (4 bytes) 04H
Start address (low byte) 00H High byte of address content 02H
Read word count (high byte) 00H low byte of the content of 000 address 58H
Read word count (low byte) 02G High byte of 0001H address content 02H
CRC (low byte) C4H Low byte of 0001H address content 58H
CRC (high byte) OBH CRC (low byte) 7AH
CRC (high byte) C2H

In the above example, the read f0-0 and f0-1 are both 0258h = 600, that is, the collected value f0-0 is 60.0%; the displayed value f0-0 is 60.0

2. Network Description:

Through the inter table networking, the display value of the data collected from the master table can be transmitted to the slave table through RS485. There can be only one master table in a network, and there can be multiple slave tables. In use, only the main table needs to set the corresponding display range, and the slave table does not need to set the display range.

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 260 × 160 × 40 mm

Standard, Relay, RS485


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