4-20ma Panel Meter Display Head Adjustable Two Wire Percentage Temperature Pressure

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Experience Unmatched Precision with Our Adjustable Two-Wire 4-20mA Panel Meter Display Head

Welcome to the world of cutting-edge instrumentation with our revolutionary Adjustable Two-Wire 4-20mA Panel Meter Display Head. This exceptional addition to your toolkit is designed to redefine accuracy and seamless integration. Driven by a microprocessor and featuring a 24-bit AD, it promises unparalleled precision that exceeds even the most stringent standards.

Key Advantages:

  1. Seamless Compatibility: Seamlessly aligned with the parameters and key operation modes of our renowned 2088 meter, this panel display head ensures a familiar and intuitive user experience.
  2. Crystal-Clear Display: A brilliant 0.36-inch high-brightness LED display with a 4-digit layout delivers data readings with remarkable clarity.
  3. Effortless Power Management: Our meter head negates the need for additional power sources. It exclusively relies on the 4-20mA signal input from transmitters, including pressure, weight, and temperature sensors.
  4. Streamlined Configuration: Equipped with two programming buttons, configuring the LED display output for your 4-20mA input is a breeze. Customize it according to your requirements within the expansive range of -1999 to 9999.
  5. Versatile Application Spectrum: Tailored for pressure, power, and temperature transmitters, this meter seamlessly fits into industrial automation control, power electronics, medical equipment, and more.
  6. Compact and Effortless Installation: Designed with PCB positioning holes and direct compatibility with various transmitters, installation becomes quick and hassle-free.
  7. Vivid Personalization: Elevate your experience by selecting from vibrant orange, soothing blue, or captivating emerald digital tubes.

Technical Excellence:

  1. Effortless Operation: Operate seamlessly with a DC4-20mA signal source, with an insertion voltage drop of less than 3.5V.
  2. Unwavering Accuracy: Rely on our meter to deliver measurements with an accuracy of ±0.2% FS plus 1 word, ensuring consistently reliable data.
  3. Temperature Resilience: Engineered to excel in challenging environments, the meter functions seamlessly within a temperature range of -20°C to 70°C.
  4. User-Friendly Adjustments: Leverage automatic range switching for seamless display adjustments, ensuring optimal data visibility.
  5. Integrated Alarm System: Stay informed about upper and lower limit breaches through two alarm points that trigger flashing displays.
  6. Tailored Data Representation: Opt for different decimal point positions to tailor data representation to your preferences.

Whether you seek to elevate your instrumentation, bolster industrial automation control, or enhance power electronics setups, our Adjustable Two-Wire 4-20mA Panel Meter Display Head is the pinnacle of precision. Choose excellence and experience precision at its finest with us.

For instance, when inputting 1.234 with one decimal place, you can choose between “1.234” (with decimal point automatic range switching ON) and “1.2” (with decimal point automatic range switching OFF). Similarly, with two decimal places, you can opt for “1.234” (with decimal point automatic range switching ON) or “1.23” (with decimal point automatic range switching OFF).

Parameter Breakdown:

  1. Zero Setting: “ZERO” within the range of -1999 to 9999.
  2. Full Scale Setting: “FULL” within the range of -1999 to 9999.
  3. Decimal Point Position: “DOT,” offering choices like “—.”, “–.-“, “-.-“, “.—“.
  4. Filter Parameter: “DAP” with a range of 0-16.
  5. Alarm Switch: “HILO,” toggling between “ON” and “OFF.”
  6. Lower Limit Alarm Point: “STPL” within the range of -1999 to 9999.
  7. Upper Limit Alarm Point: “STPH” within the range of -1999 to 9999.
  8. Lower Limit Alarm Direction: “LDIR” with values “DN” or “UP.”
  9. Upper Limit Alarm Direction: “HDIR” with values “DN” or “UP.”
  10. Alarm Output Delay: “DELA” within the range of 0-250.
  11. Automatic Range Switching: “AUTO” with options “ON” and “OFF.”

Please note that the alarm direction “DN” indicates an alarm when the index value is lower than the alarm point, while “UP” signifies an alarm when the index value surpasses the alarm point.

For scenarios involving very small input signals, such as 75mV fullness (from pressure sensors, etc.), our meter head incorporates a precision op amp to ensure heightened resolution.

Technical Specifications:

  • Working Power: Operate effortlessly within the range of DC2.7V-5V. The LED brightness should not exceed 5.2V. At 2.7V, the operating current is approximately 7mA, and at 5V, it’s around 31mA. For specific power consumption requirements, please communicate.

With our Adjustable Two-Wire 4-20mA Panel Meter Display Head, you’re stepping into an era of precision and innovation that transcends expectations. Choose us and embrace a new realm of accuracy.

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