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two-wire 4-20mA meter.
The parameters and key operation modes are identical to those of the 2088 meter.
Digital tube: 0.56 inch
Panel size: 79 × 43 × 25mm
Mounting hole size: 76.5 × 39.2mm
Two-wire intelligent LED meter with high precision instrumentation realised by microprocessor and 24-bit AD. Two-wire 4-20mA current input, 4-digit 0.36-inch high-brightness LED display, accuracy is plus or minus 0.2%. The head of the meter does not need to be equipped with another working power supply, and only needs to be directly input by the 4-20 mA signal input from the transmitter (pressure, weight, temperature, etc.);
With two programming buttons, the 4-20mA input can be used to display the LED display, which can be adjusted in any range from -1999 to 9999.
Widely used in such as: pressure transmitter, power transmitter, temperature transmitter, etc., can also be applied to instrumentation, teaching equipment, power electronics, industrial automation control equipment, medical equipment, AC and DC power supply, teaching equipment As a DC parameter display component, the product grade is upgraded, and the replacement of the pointer meter is replaced.
Small size: There are positioning holes on the PCB.
The connection method is simple: the two lines of the meter head can be directly connected with the output lines of the transmitters such as pressure, temperature and humidity.
Can be customised orange, blue, emerald digital tube;
Technical Parameters
1. Working power: DC4-20mA signal source, insertion voltage drop <3.5V
2. Degree drift: 50PPM (customised 25PPM, 5PPM)
3. Display range: -1999-9999
4. Measurement accuracy: ± (0.2% FS + 1 word)
5. Working current: 1mA – 24mA
6. Working temperature: -20 ° C -70 ° C
7. Working humidity: ≤85% RH
 8. Display word height: 0.36, 0.56 inch LED
9. Dimensions: See the picture below. Prefix = o
10. Two alarm points, below the lower limit or above the upper limit alarm, flashing display (alarm switch = ON) (Note 1).
11. Automatic range switching function: Automatically move the decimal point position, can display data with the most digits, similar to the automatic shifting of the multi meter.
for example:
1 decimal place, input 1.234, can be displayed as “1.234” (decimal point automatic range switching = ON) or “1.2” (decimal point automatic range switching = OFF).
2 decimal places, input 1.234, can be displayed as “1.234” (decimal point automatic range switching = ON) or “1.23” (decimal point automatic range switching = OFF).
Parameter Description
1: Zero setting: “ZERO”, range -1999-9999
2: Full scale setting: “FULL”, range -1999-9999
3: Decimal point position: “DOT”, the values ​​”—.”, “–.-“, “-.-“, “.—“
4: Filter parameter: “DAP”, range 0-16
5: Alarm switch: “HILO”, the value is “ON”, “OFF”
6: lower limit alarm point: “STPL”, range -1999-9999
7: upper limit alarm point: “STPH”, range -1999-9999
8: Lower limit alarm direction: “LDIR”, value “DN”, “UP”
9: Upper limit alarm direction: “HDIR”, value “DN”, “UP”
10: Alarm output delay: “DELA”, range 0-250
11: Automatic range switching: “AUTO”, the values ​​are “ON”, “OFF”
Note: This feature is not available if the user does not specify it. The direction of the alarm, “DN”, is that the index value is less than the alarm point and an alarm is issued. “UP” means that the index value is greater than the alarm point and an alarm is issued.
2, 3: DC 4-20mA three-wire meter, 75mV or other V-level full-scale voltage and current meter
If the user has power to the meter, or if you need to measure other large, very small values ​​of current or voltage, then a three-wire connection is used.
If the user input signal is very small, such as 75mV fullness (pressure sensor, etc.), the meter head is amplified with a precision op amp to ensure a sufficiently high resolution.
Refer to “Two-Wire Smart LED Header”.
Technical Parameters
Working power: DC2.7V-5V, the higher the LED, the brighter it should not exceed 5.2V. The 2.7V operating current is about 7mA, and 5V is about 31mA. If there is a requirement for power consumption, it needs to be explained.
Other references “two-wire smart LED meter”
usual format
0-±20 mA measurement; 0-±5 V measurement; 0-±10 V measurement; 0-±36 V measurement; 0-±150 V measurement; 0-±75 mV measurement.
Weight 60 g
Dimensions 240 × 240 × 070 mm


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