MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V 5V For Arduino Solderless

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Introducing the MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module: Your Essential Arduino Companion

Experience unparalleled convenience and versatility with the MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module, a high-quality innovation designed to elevate your Arduino projects. This power supply module offers seamless compatibility with both 5V and 3.3V systems, presenting an ideal solution for your MB102 breadboard.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality: Unleash your creativity with a brand new and high-quality power supply module that guarantees reliable performance for your projects.
  2. Dual Voltage Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate 5V and 3.3V systems, giving you the freedom to choose the voltage that best suits your project requirements.
  3. Flexible Power Input: Benefit from a wide input voltage range of 6.5-12V (DC) or USB power supply, ensuring your projects stay powered up without limitations.
  4. Selectable Output: Effortlessly switch between 3.3V and 5V output voltages, offering tailored power delivery for various components and scenarios.
  5. Robust Output Capability: Enjoy a maximum output current of <700mA, empowering your projects with a steady and dependable power source.
  6. Independent Control: Harness the power of two independent control channels with the ability to switch to 0V, 3.3V, or 5V, allowing for precise control and experimentation.
  7. Convenient External Lead Use: Take advantage of the on-board dual groups of 3.3V and 5V DC output plug pins, simplifying external lead connections for hassle-free project expansion.
  8. Compact Design: With dimensions of 5.3cm x 3.5cm, this compact module is designed to fit seamlessly into your workspace, ensuring efficient use of your valuable work area.

Package Includes:

1x MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Modulee.

Elevate your Arduino experience and unlock new dimensions of project potential with the MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module. Embrace the future of power supply solutions today.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 260 × 160 × 20 mm


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