Mini L298N 1.5A Dual Channel DC Stepper Motor Driver Module PWM Speed Control

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Enhance your Projects with the Mini L298N 1.5A Dual Channel DC Stepper Motor Driver Module

Unlock the potential of your battery-powered smart cars, toy vehicles, and robots with our Mini L298N Motor Driver Module. Designed to elevate your creations, this module offers precise control, efficient performance, and seamless integration. Whether you’re a hobbyist or an engineer, our motor driver module is a must-have addition to your toolkit.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Motor Control: This module is a powerhouse for your projects, capable of driving two DC motors or a 4-wire 2-phase stepper motor. Achieve both forward and reverse rotations with the added benefit of adjustable rotation speeds.
  • Optimal Performance: Equipped with imported original chips and low on-resistance MOS switches, this module guarantees minimal heat generation, eliminating the need for a bulky heat sink. This results in smaller dimensions and lower power consumption, making it perfect for battery-powered applications.
  • Robust Protection: Our module offers dual 1.5A outputs, peaking at 2.5A, ensuring uninterrupted performance even in demanding scenarios. The built-in thermal protection circuit prevents motor stalls from causing damage, automatically recovering after temperature normalization.
  • Compact Design: With its ultra-compact dimensions of 24.7mm length, 21mm width, and 5mm height, and 2mm mounting hole diameter, this module seamlessly fits into your projects without adding unnecessary bulk.

Product Specifications:

  • Dual H-bridge motor driver supports two DC motors or a 4-wire two-phase stepper motor.
  • Module supply voltage ranges from 2V to 10V, accommodating a variety of power sources.
  • Signal input voltage spans 1.8V to 7V, ensuring compatibility with various control systems.
  • Single operating current at 1.5A, with peak current capabilities reaching 2.5A. Impressively low standby current of less than 0.1uA.
  • Built-in common conduction circuit prevents motor malfunction when input pins are left unconnected.
  • Integrated thermal protection circuit with hysteresis effects (TSD), ensuring worry-free operation even in challenging conditions.


  1. Polarity Protection: Ensure proper power connection to prevent circuit damage due to reversed polarity.
  2. Safe Operations: In case of output short to ground or motor stall, the module incorporates heat protection. However, extreme conditions like voltages exceeding 10V or peak currents beyond 2.5A can still pose risks.

Elevate your projects today with the Mini L298N Motor Driver Module. Unleash its potential in your battery-powered vehicles, robotics experiments, and beyond. Order now and experience precision, efficiency, and control like never before.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mini L298N 1.5A Dual Channel DC Stepper Motor Driver Module

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 260 × 160 × 20 mm


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