PCF8575 I2C IO Extension Shield Module 16 I/O Port Expander Arduino PI

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Introducing the PCF8575 I2C IO Extension Shield Module – Expand Your Possibilities!

Unlock the potential of your projects with the PCF8575 I2C IO Extension Shield Module. This cutting-edge module offers a seamless solution to the age-old challenge of running out of I/O pins. With this versatile tool, you can effortlessly expand your I/O capacity by up to 16 ports, all while utilizing just two control pins.

Crafted to perfection, the PCF8575 is seamlessly integrated through an I2C interface, boasting an array of 16-bits quasi-bidirectional input/output pins. Worried about voltage compatibility? Fear not, for our module comes equipped with an onboard 3.3V level converter circuit. The VCC-VDD pad offers flexibility: leave unsoldered for a 3.3V PCF8575 level, or solder for alignment with VCC.

Features at a Glance:

  • Seamlessly compatible with Arduino, thanks to the readily available PCF8575 library.
  • Operating Voltage Range: 2.5V – 5.5V DC
  • Maximum Working Current: 100mA
  • Default I2C Address: 0x20 (Customizable through soldering A1 and A2 selection pads)
  • 16 Individually Addressable Pins
  • Each Pin’s Function Configurable for Input or Output
  • Equipped with an Open-Drain Interrupt Output Pin for Input Change Interruption
  • Ideal for Arduino UNO R3 and various MCUs, enabling simple control of relays, buzzers, buttons, LEDs, and more.
  • Compact Dimensions: 4×2.1cm (1.57×0.83inch)
  • Quantity: 1 Module

Revolutionize the way you handle I/O limitations with the PCF8575 I2C IO Extension Shield Module. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a DIY enthusiast, this module opens the door to endless possibilities. Don’t miss out on the chance to amplify your project’s potential – order now and embrace the power of expansion!

Package Contents:

  • 1 x PCF8575 I2C IO Extension Shield Module

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 260 × 160 × 20 mm


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