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Voltage to Frequency Module

(Frequency Voltage Converter 0-1KHz To 0-10V Digital To Analog Voltage Signal Conversion Module Frequency Conversion To Voltage)
The voltage to frequency module LM331_V2F is a module that can generate different frequencies depending on the input voltage. It is capable of converting 0-10V voltage into a frequency pulse signal of 0-10KHz.

1. Input voltage, output frequency signal.
2. The output signal can be fine-tuned, and the potentiometer can be adjusted to calibrate the correspondence between voltage and frequency.
3. The output of this module can be supplied to the driver for pulse signal. It must be connected to the driver for common anode connection. The relevant wiring is OC-OUT: PUL- or PUL12-30V connected to the driver: PUL+ or common terminal +5V connected to the driver, ( When powering 12V, it is necessary to string a 330R resistor. When powering 13-24V, it is necessary to string a 2.7K resistor to limit the current)

Technical Parameters:
Working voltage: 13.5V-30V.
Input controllable voltage range: 0-10V.
Output frequency range: 0-10KHz.

Wiring instructions:
VCC: Working power supply.
GND: Power ground.
IN+: Input voltage.
IN-: Input ground.
OCOUT: Signal collector output port (use this output port when equipped with a driver).
FOUT: Frequency output port (common frequency output port).
Two independent outputs, OC-OUT is NPN and FREQ-OUT is IC output. The common cathode end is matched with the negative GND of the power supply. When the common anode wiring is used with the power supply, when the common anode wiring is 13-24V, it is necessary to string a 2.7KR resistor, and the common anode wiring is 12V power supply. To string a 330R resistor.

The frequency pulse signal is connected to F, and there is a corresponding voltage output at the VOUT terminal.
Input and output correspondence:
1V = 1KHz
10V = 10KHz

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 260 × 160 × 20 mm


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