RF 433MHz Wireless Transmitter Receiver Kit for Arduino Uno Respberry PI FS1000A

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Enhance Your Connectivity with the RF 433MHz Wireless Transmitter Receiver Kit for Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi

Discover the power of wireless communication with the FS1000A and XY-MK-5V 433MHz RF modules, designed to simplify connectivity and facilitate seamless data transmission between devices. While these modules prioritize simplicity, they provide a solid foundation for your projects, offering essential features without unnecessary complexities.

FS1000A: The Compact Transmitter

The FS1000A, the smaller component of this versatile pair, serves as the transmitter unit. Its minimalist design belies its capabilities, providing you with the fundamental tools for efficient communication. Key attributes include:

  • Connectors: Vcc (power), GND (ground), and ATAD (DATA, transmitting with HIGH state)
  • Working Voltage: 3-12V, allowing you to tailor power for optimal performance and extended range
  • Transmitting Current: 28mA, striking a balance between efficient transmission and power consumption
  • Range: Boasting coverage of “up to 200m,” this range offers ample flexibility for various setups
  • Data Speed: Supporting speeds up to 10Kbps, though it’s important to note that ranges tend to decrease significantly above 2400bps
  • Antenna: Sold without an antenna, the module’s range benefits from a simple copper wire antenna. Crafting one is easy—solder 165mm of copper wire to the ANT pad.

XY-MK-5V: The Robust Receiver

The XY-MK-5V receiver, the larger component in this set, complements the FS1000A by offering a reliable interface for receiving wireless data. Here are its key features:

  • Connectors: GND, 2x DATA, Vcc
  • Voltage: Operating at 5V, the XY-MK-5V demonstrates sensitivity to voltage fluctuations. To ensure optimal performance, always employ a stabilized power source and include a decoupling capacitor.
  • Standby Current: Consuming only 4mA while in standby mode, the receiver balances power efficiency with the ability to stay primed for incoming transmissions.

Elevate Your Connectivity with Software

While these modules provide foundational hardware for wireless communication, software plays a crucial role in harnessing their potential. Various libraries, such as VirtualWire and RadioHead, are available for popular microcontrollers like Arduino. These libraries empower you to expand functionality beyond the modules’ basic capabilities, facilitating error correction, improved signal strength assessment (RSSI), frequency hopping, and even bidirectional data transmission.

Unleash the Potential

Explore the world of wireless communication with the RF 433MHz Wireless Transmitter Receiver Kit. By seamlessly integrating FS1000A and XY-MK-5V modules into your projects and leveraging software libraries, you can create innovative solutions that transcend the limitations of basic wireless connectivity.

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